Crazy Week

So last Sunday my daughter and I got up really early and began a four hour drive to Houston so we could tour Rice University. It ended up being a great day and my daughter fell more in love with Rice than she was before we visited the campus.

We drove back Sunday night and on Monday we had opening night of the fall show at my kid’s school. My son was playing the Tin Man and my daughter was on set crew. They did a great job but it made for a very long night after Sunday.

My son was lucky to have so many of his friends in the play with him. His girlfriend was playing the Wicked Witch and his best friend was play the Scarecrow. Tuesday night we had another night of the show.


I didn’t take as many pictures the second night but I couldn’t help taking this adorable picture of my son with his girlfriend. In case you didn’t notice she has taken the Tin Man’s heart quite literally!!

Wednesday and Thursday we finally had a much needed break but by Friday it was show time again. Friday was the final show and we had the cast dinner afterwards.

The last night we took pictures with the whole cast and crew plus the teachers. It was a great show and the last night was the best performance. My kids were lucky because they had many teachers and friends come to support them in the performances.

This morning they had to get up early yet again to travel with their school to a UIL Conference at UTA.  All in all it has been a pretty insane week but I wouldn’t trade my kids or my time with them for anything in the world.

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