My Crazy Life

So it has been forever since I posted because I have barely been able to catch my breath with everything we have had going on in our lives. The weekend after our last college visit was my kids Homecoming Weekend. My kids both got dressed up and went to the dance with all their friends.  I was actually very happy because my kids took lots of pictures at the dance with their friends.

My kids have some really great friends. I was so glad my daughter got so many great shots of everyone.

While my kids were at their Homecoming Dance I was attending my 25th Class Reunion. I only took a couple of pictures but I had a great time.

Early the next week we got in the car and drove to San Angelo, Texas so we could visit Angelo State University.  We had a great day and my daughter really liked the university.  Of course the fact that there are sheep statues all over San Angelo was definitely the highlight of our trip.  We only found 18 out of the 48 but we had a blast driving all over town looking for them.  I am only posting a handful of the pictures but you will quickly get the idea.

The very next weekend we made a trip to Texas A & M University in College Station. A cold front and a horrible thunderstorm came in and ruined our visit.  We weren’t really able to tour the university and my daughter wasn’t impressed at all.

Then last night we attended my daughter’s best friend’s 18th birthday party. It was a costume party and we had a blast.

All in all my life has been insane but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love that I get to spend so much time having fun with my kids. Of course it sucks that I have to sacrifice time with my man to do it but time with them is limited.  I can’t believe my daughter will be away at college in less than a year.

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