Application Stress

My daughter is a total procrastinator and I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that she wouldn’t be any different when it came to applying for college.  She waited until the day before the deadline to apply early admission to submit her application. Then of course there were problems with her recommendations and now we are honestly not sure that we can fix them.  I know that she loved Rice and I know that it would be the perfect school for her but I am beyond done with dealing with all this stupid shit.  This school basically wants our complete financial history.  It is ridiculous to ask parents how much they paid for their house and how much they owe.  They even wanted to know what my monthly payment is for my mortgage. I’ll be honest, I have never had to give this much financial information unless I was buying a house. She is applying to college not applying for a thirty year mortgage.  I feel completely invaded and I am ashamed to say that I actually yelled at my child tonight. She just doesn’t understand how much time and money that I have put into this whole thing. I took her to visit the school and now I have paid $100 in application fees.  She thinks she can just reapply if her early decision doesn’t work out.  She doesn’t even get it.  I told her tonight that their was no way I was paying money for her to reapply to Rice if they didn’t accept her application.  She actually thought they would give her a refund.  She really has no clue.  I have attended multiple universities and I have completed two degrees but I have never had to go through what I am going through to get my own daughter into college. I know that her anxiety is getting the better of her but I also know that it is time for her to grow up start accepting some responsibility for her own stuff.  She is smart enough and capable enough to take care of her own business.  If she doesn’t figure it out soon than I’m not sure she is ready to go away to college.

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