Fighting With My Little Girl

I’m not sure if we are fighting about college or about the fact that she is graduating in a few months. I don’t remember the last time that I felt so distant from her. I feel like everything that we have both worked for is falling about. I want her to care about her future and I feel like she is only planning on going to college to make me happy. I know that if she goes to college for me than she won’t be successful. I hate fighting with my kids. My kids have been my life for the last ten years. As a single mom, I have sacrificed so much so that my kids could have all the opportunities imaginable. I know that as a parent there are going to be things that my kids don’t grasp but I guess between my job and my kids, I am just feeling really underappreciated. I wanted to enjoy my daughter’s last year of school but instead I feel like we are at war. I am not even sure who the real enemy is anymore. Is my daughter just a product of the way all kids are in our society? Does she really not care at all about her future or is she just scared? I feel completely clueless at the moment and it has been a long time since I have felt like that.

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