Thanksgiving Break

So this week hasn’t exactly turned out like I was hoping. My son started out the week having rehearsals for the musical he is a part of and my daughter was procrastinating over her college applications. We went out to dinner with my mom and her new boyfriend on Wednesday to celebrate my birthday early. Thanksgiving was filled with lots of food and craziness with my kids. I was able to get a few pictures but they still didn’t really want to cooperate. It is bitter sweet to think about it because this will be the last Thanksgiving before my daughter graduates and goes away to college. Next year will be different because she will be able to spend the holiday however she chooses.

After my kids went to their dad’s house I drove to my man’s house. On the way there he let me know that his son was at home and not going to his mom’s house. He told me I could still come over which surprised me but I kept driving. We ended up spending three and a half hours watching a show called “The Last Kingdom” on Netflix.  It is an interesting show that I actually started from the beginning and have been watching all weekend. It was definitely not a Netflix and Chill situation though. We sat on his couch watching TV and holding hands. Around 10:30 he said he needed to go to bed so I thought he would want me to leave. Needless to say I stayed another hour or so. We talked yesterday but today I haven’t heard a word from him at all. We were supposed to be able to go out last night but he said that his son was going to be home so we couldn’t get together. I was hoping that I would get to see him tonight since my birthday is tomorrow but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. I’m beginning to worry that he won’t even reach out tomorrow either. I’m not sure it I will be able to forgive him if he does this on my birthday. I can’t believe that it will be my birthday tomorrow and time to go back to work the day after tomorrow.  The break has gone by entirely too fast.

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