Growing up Christmas was always one of my favorite holidays. Even after I got married my ex-husband and I made a big deal about decorating the house and celebrating the holiday. Lately I have noticed that it is harder and harder to get into the Christmas spirit.  My kids don’t even seem to like the holiday which makes it really hard to get excited about it. We only have a few of us celebrating together but we still seem to have such a hard time planning holiday meals.  My daughter is a pescatarian and my son is extremely picky. It is so hard to plan a holiday meal around the two of them. The situation is making it really hard to look forward to the holiday.  I am definitely looking forward to the two weeks off of work that I will have over the holidays.  It makes me sad that I no longer enjoy a holiday that I used to love but circumstances make it really hard lately. I’m sure the fact that I am also nursing a broken heart doesn’t help matters. Hopefully things will get better and I will be able to enjoy the holidays with my mom and my kids.

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