New Chances

I have been so wrapped up in my ex that I wasn’t really paying attention to the attention of a man that I connected with during my reunion in July. We have talked off and on since then but we have yet to go out or spend any real time together other than at our high school reunion in October. That night we hung out at the reunion and then for several hours after it.

IMG_6040 (2)

This is a picture of the two of us and another friend from the reunion. It’s interesting because he’s not really a person that I would have ever considered dating in high school but I find myself strongly considering it now. I am finding that he is really a nice guy which I never realized in high school. I am nervous though because the idea of bringing another man into my life after everything I have been through in the past is really scary. I keep finding reasons to doubt his interest despite the fact that we have been talking off and on since July. We don’t talk every day but we have been talking more lately. I think the only way I will truly know what to think about him or heaven forbid an us is if we spend some time together. I know at one point he wanted to take me on a date but I’m not sure he still does. I want to believe that maybe he could be my chance for a new future but I am still not sure. I am trying to just take things slow and not put too much pressure on him or myself. I do know that if he asks me out again I’m going to take the chance and say yes!! Until I have that chance I am going to bid my time and continue to get to know him.

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