Photo Shoot

So today as part of the new dating service I signed up with, I had a photo shoot with a photographer employed by the dating service. I was really nervous about the photo shoot because I wasn’t sure about my outfits or even the experience as a whole.  The pictures were actually kind of fun. Of course the photographer completely stroked my ego by flirting with me the whole time.  He was only 26 and I am totally not interested but it was definitely flattering. I ended up buying the rights to my digital pictures which I’m planning to share here.

I am actually pretty impressed with the pictures and I am really curious how it will go with my profile.  I am not sure when I will actually start being setup on dates but I am definitely ready.  After Friday I will have two weeks off of work which should give me plenty of time to start meeting new people. The guy from high school is so unpredictable and I am not even sure that he still wants to go out. We have been talking but not with any real consistency. I know that I plan to focus on the future when it comes to dating and not get myself marred in the past. My ex contacted me on Friday after three weeks of radio silence. I waited awhile to respond but when I did I told him that what we had wasn’t enough for me anymore. I told him that I would always love him but that I deserved to be with someone that will fight for me. I am not sure if this new venture will help me find true love but I am going to give it my all.

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