Dating Service

So I would have to say that going into this dating service has definitely taken me outside my comfort zone. I haven’t really figured out how all this is supposed to work yet. I signed up and then went in for my photos and then it seemed like things just stalled. I finally got my login for the online part of the service on Thursday.  It’s weird though because once you select someone than they send them an email and if both parties agree they share contact information. I had two guys agree they wanted to meet me the first night but neither of them contacted me. The service wants the men to contact the women first so I have literally just been wondering for days if either of them were going to contact me. So yesterday afternoon in the midst of my ex texting me for the second day in a row, I received an unexpected phone call from one of the guys. He was actually really nice and we have a lot in common.  He is also a high school English  teacher so we talked about students and teaching a lot.  We also talked about other things too. We ended up spending three and a half hours on the phone. I don’t remember the last time that I’ve spent that long on the phone with anyone. I actually kind of like the fact that he is old school and he actually called me. I don’t think either of us expected to stay on the phone for so long. We have a date planned for tomorrow which is kind of weird with it being Christmas Eve but you know whatever works. We are having lunch. We might meet and have no chemistry at all but I am guessing that we could be great friends if the romantic part doesn’t pan out.  I still find this service weird but here goes nothing.

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