My Dates

So I have officially been on two dates with the service.

First Date:

So the first date was lunch on Christmas Eve. We went to this hip like place in downtown Fort Worth. Lunch was pretty cool. We talked and laughed the whole time. After lunch we took a walk through downtown. He’s an English teacher so we had a lot in common.  Of course he didn’t touch me once the whole time we were together. I don’t think I have ever been on a date where someone didn’t touch me at all. I would probably have thought he wasn’t interested in me but he said he wanted to see me again. When we talked earlier we made plans to go on a second date tomorrow night.

Second Date:

So this date occurred yesterday. We met at the movies and then went to dinner afterwards. He works in the pharmaceutical industry and he must make really good money. He is a whole lot older than me which made me apprehensive at first but I laughed the whole time we were together. He compliments me constantly and he makes me feel really special. After the movie he took me to this really upscale restaurant in downtown Fort Worth. He paid $175 for our dinner. I am not sure that I have ever been on a dinner date like that before. It’s really strange because he acts like it’s no big deal to spend that kind of money. Tonight we are going on our second date. He’s taking me to Enchant Christmas at the ballpark. I have wanted to go for over a year and I’m really excited.

I plan to continue dating multiple people until I figure out what I really want. On another note, my ex texted me again today. He won’t let me go. He is being a friend which is great but I am just not sure why he continues to have such a presence in my life. I have been really honest with him though and he knows that I am going out with multiple people. I told him I was putting myself out there and taking chances. He actually asked me today if I had plans for the weekend. I really don’t understand what he thinks is going to happen between us.

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