Second Dates

So the second saga in my dates with the dating service involved second dates with both the older guy and the English Teacher.

The Older Guy:

So I had my date with the older guy first because we ended up going out two nights in a row. So for our second date he took me to see the Enchanted Christmas exhibit at the ballpark. I have been wanting to go to this exhibit for over a year so I was actually really excited. We had a great time again.  He makes me laugh all the time. It’s funny because the age gap is a bit weird for me and I’m not sure that I would be comfortable in that situation on  a long term basis but he’s such a great guy that I am definitely giving him a chance. We took some pictures at the event so I am going to attach them here.


The English Teacher:

Well this was an interesting situation because he didn’t tell me what we were doing until he picked me up.  We ended up grabbing a quick dinner and then driving to Windstar Casino to see this guy named Eddie Izzard. Apparently the English Teacher is a big fan so he couldn’t resist taking me when it worked out that it was the same night we were going out. I honestly had no idea what to expect from the show but it was great. We had lots of time in the car on the way there and back to chat which was really great.  It’s funny because he still acts a bit standoffish but I think he is getting more comfortable with me. Last night I realized that he is actually someone I could potentially see myself with. He is so smart and we have really great conversations about all sorts of things.  The questions he asks me about my kids are really intuitive and different. I think my kids might actually like him too. So the first time we went out he didn’t touch me at all which I thought was a little weird but he wanted to go out again so I was willing to give it a chance. He still wasn’t touchy last night but he did at least give me a hug and a kiss before he left my house. I hope he wants to go out with me again!!

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