Beginning Something New

So my overnight conversation with the English Teacher turned into another overnight Marvel Movie Marathon on New Year’s Eve.  After we had watched four movies in a row we finally started kissing. We were lying in each other’s arms for a couple of hours making out. We didn’t have sex even though I’m pretty sure that we both wanted too. We ended up falling asleep together which was pretty amazing. The next morning we were making out again but we still didn’t have sex.

He went home and we texted pretty consistently for the next few hours. My kids came home from their dad’s house and their significant others both came over. I finally told him that he should come over too.  We had two Marvel movies left to watch so he came over so we could finish our marathon. After the movies last night we started making out again. I guess you could say that we were both at the point of no return because we had sex. It was sensual and beautiful and it was a great first time. He had to go home which I didn’t really want but it was still a beautiful night.

So today we were texting from the time we were both awake. He offered to come over and help the kids and I put up all the Christmas decorations.  We were almost done when he got here but it has been a cool day. He played chess with my son and we all had lunch together. We even watched Murder on the Orient Express with my kids. I have a bit of a break because he went home to take care of his dogs. He’s going to come back once he’s done. I can honestly say that I really like him. He’s funny, goofy and silly. He makes me laugh but he also challenges my brain. He’s so smart which I really love about him. I don’t want to get too excited yet but I think he could really be someone special in my life.

It’s interesting actually because I haven’t heard from the ex since New Year’s Eve. Maybe he is finally ready to let me go. I deserve a fresh start and I think the English Teacher might be just the person to give it to me.

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