Last Night

So we had decided a few days ago that last night would be the last time we saw each other before we go back to work. When he first came over it was a bit strange because it was the first time we had been alone together in multiple days. My kids went to a friend’s house last night so we had some quiet time to ourselves. We cooked together and cleaned up together. We played this crazy game about famous literature that only English teachers could probably appreciate and then we played Scrabble. Overall it was a really fun night. After the games we decided to watch a light-hearted movie.  We ended up watching “The Proposal” with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. He had never seen it and it was really funny watching his reactions to all the humor. After the movie I have to say that we started making out and then we made love. I know we don’t love each other yet but I do know that is how it felt when he was touching me last night. We stayed in each other’s arms last night for a really long time talking afterwards. I feel even better about our situation because I figured out that we went into the whole dating company experience with similar attitudes. We had both decided that we didn’t want to have sex if it didn’t mean anything. I think we had the most frank conversation about sex last night that we’ve had thus far. We still have a lot to learn about each other but I think we are well on our way to getting to know each other. We are both open with each other which is really nice. I love that it seems like we can talk about anything. I think this man could really be something special and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for us.

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