First Day Back

Today was the first day back to work after the long Christmas Break but luckily we had no students to contend with. I had a rough time getting myself started this morning but it ended up being a relatively productive day for me. My co-teacher and I have everything ready for the next three weeks and I think we’ve got a good plan in place. I got all my data updated and I will hang it up in my classroom tomorrow morning. We are starting back up with vocabulary tomorrow which will be relatively easy but we need to ease them back into the routine. It was so hard to get up and go to work today but it is funny how quickly I am now ready to resume classes with my students tomorrow. I also found out today that I have some new students that will be in my class as of tomorrow. A few of them are probably going to be a bit challenging but I am going to try and have the most positive attitude that I can.  I have worked hard to reach students before so it is just a matter of reaching another one. Tomorrow is the start of a new semester so everyone starts on a level playing field.  We will move on from last semester’s mistakes and try a new path.

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