My Weekend

So Friday night my new man came over after work.  We were both really tired after the first week back after the break. We cooked dinner together and then we started watching the first Kingsmen Movie. We were only a few minutes in when my kids called to say they were done with rehearsal.  We paused the movie and when to pick them up. When we got back home my son joined us in my room and watched the rest of the movie with us. After it was over he went upstairs to talk with his sister and we started watching the second movie.  I was so tired that I fell asleep at the beginning of the second movie. After it was over he told me he was going to go home. I didn’t really want him to go but I knew I had to get up on Saturday morning.

Saturday the kids and I ran errands and then around 5 my daughter’s girlfriend came over. My guy came over at 6. We cooked dinner together which was really great and the five of us really enjoyed the dinner we made. After dinner we watched a comedian with my daughter and her girlfriend and then we retired to my room to watch a movie.  We watched a movie called “Murder by Death” that was from the 1970s.  It was really funny and it prompted us to watch “Clue” after it was over. We had both seen “Clue” many times so we got a little distracted during the movie and we made love. Afterwards we got ready for bed and fell asleep together. This was the first time we planned for him to spend the night.

This morning we lied in bed for a long time talking and kissing which lead to us making love again. After that we got dressed and made breakfast together. After breakfast we cleaned up the kitchen and retired back to my room. My son was gone with his girlfriend celebrating her birthday and my daughter was in her room. I started working on my lesson plans and the various things I needed to do to get ready for my week and he was playing a game. Then we cuddled up together and watched TV until we were making love again. He had to go home after that which I hated but I knew he needed to get back to his dogs.  We had a very nice weekend together though. I’m really looking forward to next weekend when we have the whole weekend to ourselves.

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