Weekend Together

So this last weekend is the first one that I have spent with my new man without kids. He came over Friday night and ordered Chinese food for us so that I could focus on my homework for my new class. He sat with me all night while I was reading for school. We were able to go to sleep together and wake up together Saturday morning. On Saturday we ran several errands and then we went to his place to walk his dogs. That night we cooked dinner together and watched a couple of movies. We fell asleep together for the second night in a row. On Sunday morning we woke up and made breakfast and then we lounged around watching TV until it was time to walk the dogs again. Sunday night we cooked together again and then while I did some writing for school he was grading. It was a great night that ended in a relaxing bath for two. After our bath we crawled into bed for our third and final night. I had to work this morning but we still woke up together and then we made plans for lunch since he was off today.  All in all it was a great weekend.

At this point we haven’t put any definite labels on our situation but he let something slip the other day regarding the term girlfriend so he might actually consider me as that. My ex still texts me from time to time and I’m honestly not sure why. I am happy with my new man and I am focusing on building some sort of future with him. We are still in the early stages and we don’t talk about the future very much but I am enjoying the time we spend together and right now that is enough.

The sex with him is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before because he is very gentle and sensual. I always feel like he’s making love to me despite the fact that we haven’t been together long enough for love to be a factor. He touches me like he wants to know every single curve of my body. He told me once he was creating a picture in his mind with his eyes and his hands. I don’t know what the future holds but I do know that I enjoy the way this man makes me feel.  He makes me feel beautiful in his arms. I am going to continue to look to the future and let go of the past.

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