Could it be?

I’m sitting here tonight just having finished my homework that is due tomorrow thinking about the possibilities in my future. Is it possible that the new man in my life might actually be the one? Am I really ready for that possibility? He treats me so great. We cook together. He lets me talk to him about concepts in the readings I am doing for school. He listens to my writing. He spends time with me even if I have to focus on something else. He has such a kind heart and he makes me feel special. He is so laid back when it comes to my chaotic life with teenagers. He just goes along with things and never gets upset about anything. He is so great with my kids. He’s actually told me that he likes my kids and my dog. He is definitely someone that I can see myself with in the future.

I think it is so hard to believe that I could be this lucky after the crappy luck I have had with relationships over the past five years. I want to believe that now my luck is changing and I am finally going to get what I deserve. I have to just take things one day at a time and see what happens next.

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