Birthday Weekend

So this weekend marked the 47th birthday of my new boyfriend. I think I can probably officially call him that now that we have spent every day of the last week and weekend together.


Friday night was relatively tame because we went out to dinner with the kids and then we came home and played Smash Up which has become our new favorite game. Saturday was kind of crazy but we spent last night at an Escape Room. They were supposed to send me the picture and if I get it I’ll have to add it to this post.


We managed to solve our room and escape in under 45 minutes. I was really proud of us. We all had a great time. After that we went to this all vegan restaurant for dinner. I can’t say that the kids and I were fans but it was definitely an experience. After we got back home we played yet another round of Smash Up. Today my daughter went to see her girlfriend and I spent most of the day working on homework. We had dinner together pretty early and then we played Smash Up yet again. I honestly think we are all a little obsessed. My boyfriend left tonight right before the kids and I went to the store. All in all it was a really great weekend that ended way to quickly.

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