Valentine’s Surprise

So on Valentine’s Day my boyfriend and I went to this party of sorts because it was during the week and the surprise he had for me wasn’t until Saturday. On Saturday night all I knew about what we were doing is that we were having dinner and I had to get dressed up. Surprises drive me a little batty but I went along with everything and it was awesome. He took me to the Valentine’s Banquet at the Fort Worth Zoo.  This was one of the coolest things i have ever gotten to do on a date. We had the most amazing dinner and we got to see some great animals.  He adopted a penguin in my name and I even got two stuffed penguins as well. We played all sorts of love and animal trivia and it was just an all around great night. I was so surprised and I would never have guessed he was taking me somewhere like that.

We also took our first selfie together which was cool.  This man is so sweet and so thoughtful that sometimes I wander how I got so lucky to have met him.

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