Almost Moving In

So my son was joking with my boyfriend tonight because he brought his X-Box to my house. He had made the statement earlier that he was here more than at home.  After we told my kids that, my son made the comment, “how’s your slowly moving in?” It was pretty interesting because I haven’t really thought about it. My boyfriend also mentioned to me tonight that if I needed time to myself or anything than I should just let him know. The thing about it, is that I’m really not feeling crowded because he still goes home every night during the week and I am still able to get my stuff done. He doesn’t prevent me from doing my work for school or my job. He is very supportive and he’s always there to listen when I need to bounce ideas off him for school. I know that we are really close and we spend insane amounts of time together but I really enjoy spending time with him. I haven’t had a relationship where we started spending all our time together like this since my first husband and I started dating. We had a pretty strong relationship for a long time and we were married for ten years. I think that I just need to accept things the way they are instead of worrying about things before I have a reason too.

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