I am approaching the last six weeks of my first year at my current school. It is always a struggle when you start a new job and this year made it even harder because I was in a co-teach situation for the very first time. Now with just a few weeks left my whole situation is changing. We have another teacher in our department that has a very sick child and she is going to have to take off for the remainder of the year. Instead of finding a long term sub they are pulling my co-teacher out of three of my classes. This wouldn’t be such a big deal except they are pulling her out of two of my worst classes. I was looking forward to just finishing out the year but now I will have an extra headache involved in doing that. The one good thing is that they are taking some of the SPED students out of my class but because my co-teacher had worked at the middle school last year, many of my students have a better relationship with her than with me.I started the year having a hard time because they all want to chat with her and be with her and not get to know me.  There were several times that she undermined my authority within the classroom even though I don’t think it was intentional. I think we were both struggling to define our roles and her previous relationships with the students just made that harder. I have no idea what will happen next year but I just pray that the rest of this year isn’t completely miserable.

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