So I guess you could say that my boyfriend has officially started moving in because we rented a truck today and moved his desk into my bedroom. He had already brought over his books and all the contents of his desk to my house over the course of this last week. It is very different to have an extra piece of furniture in my house. His clothes have been in my closet since spring break but the furniture is a change. We also brought his TV over and we plan to change out the TVs on Sunday night when my son gets home to help him. I finally realized today that at this point I would just rather he stay than go back and forth anymore. I was so worried at first that I needed to finish my current class before we made things official but now since I have gotten used to spending so much time with him, I just don’t really want him to leave every night anymore. I told him this afternoon that he ought to just go home tomorrow afternoon and bring the rest of his clothes home and then we could work on moving him the rest of the way in over the weekends. I am not sure yet whether or not he’s actually going to do that.

On another note, he’s also been trying to convince me to apply to his school district for next year. I really hadn’t considered leaving so I’m still not sure whether or not I want to but it might be a chance to either teach AP US History or English at the Early College School. I need to really think about it over the next couple of weeks and decide what I really want to do next year.

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  1. the #1 Itinerary · April 7, 2019

    Great post 😁


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