Reading for School

I have to say that as I have journeyed through my Multicultural Literature class this semester that I have been inundated with novels that I have been required to read. Some of the books have been pretty amazing but some I have found extremely difficult to read. My teacher has chosen a wide assortment of selections but I’m not sure why some of them made it on her list. I know she has taught the semester thematically with the main themes dealing with migration and hybridity,  however some of the selections are not books that I would ever even consider teaching. I loved The Reluctant Fundamentalist, American Street, Create Dangerously, and I even enjoyed White Teeth.  I have really struggled with In the Castle of my Skin and A Distant Shore. The interesting thing that I have found is it isn’t the subject matter of the books that bothers me but they way they are written.  A Distant Shore is one if the most depressing books I have ever read. The book literally makes the reader feel isolated because the main characters in the book are so isolated. It doesn’t have any strong relationships within it to give the reader something to relate too. I am still reading In the Castle of my Skin but I have had such a hard time staying connected to the story because every chapter is almost like a new story. Many of the characters in the book are loosely connected but their relationships aren’t always apparent. I also don’t particularly like the way they portray mothers in the book. The relationships between the various mothers and their sons is very dysfunctional. I know that I would probably never actually teach either of these books because I don’t really see a lot of value in reading them. I love to read so this has been hard for me. In the past when I have read a book for school I have usually been pleasantly surprised to discover a new author in the process. I have discovered Mohsin Hamid through this class and I have already ordered another one of his books but I wish I could have at least somewhat enjoyed all the reading I have had to do. I plan to write my rather lengthy research paper over Mohsin Hamid and his two novels The Reluctant Fundamentalist  and Exit West. I still have about four weeks left until I finish this class and consequently finish the program I have been working on for the last two years. I will be so glad to be finished!!!

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