As I was listening to Rachel Hollis’ new book, Girl Stop Apologizing, on the way home today, she was talking about how to set a goal for your life. She said the first step is to think about what your life will look like in ten years. Then she said to think of ten dreams that would come true for your life to look the way you want it to. Finally you choose one goal to focus on first to get that ideal life. She calls this 10-10-1. I found this whole process fascinating but as a teacher it is really hard to know where to start. I know that I would someday like to work on my doctorate but I also know I am not ready for that right now. I would also like to teach in a foreign country but I can’t do anything like that until after my son graduates high school. My boyfriend and I are actually working towards getting everything together to do that in a couple of years. Our first goal in making that dream happen is to get IB Certified so that we will be more marketable to International Schools. We have found a conference in Houston during October that will help us get started. I am actually relieved that I have a new focus because my Dual Credit English program will be complete once I turn in my final essay on Saturday. I pretty much have it complete but I still need to edit it. I am really looking forward to being done with this program and moving on to other things.

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