Only Three More Weeks of School

This week was utterly crazy in the classroom. We have had so many fights within in classes and then there are all the random behavior issues. I honestly can’t believe how bad it is when we still have so many weeks left. I think my only saving grace this week is the fact that we finished reading Anthem and next week we start our research project. I am looking forward to starting something new because the last few weeks have been pretty bad.

The one sad thing about being so close to the end of school is that my daughter will be graduating in three weeks too. I am really not looking forward to having a high school graduate. I am excited for her future but it has all happened so fast. Sometimes when I think about her I remember all the times I braided her hair before she went to bed when she was little. I remember all the times we’ve spent together and I just can’t believe that it’s all about to change. Tonight we had such a good night because she stayed downstairs with my boyfriend and I all night. She helped us cook dinner and then we played Phase 10. It is nice to have nights like this because I know i am on borrowed time. Tomorrow is prom which boggles my mind. Life goes by so fast!!!

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