Senior Prom

So last night was my daughter’s senior prom. This year is going by so fast and that was crazy obvious last night.  I started thinking back to my prom which was actually 26 years ago and on virtually the same weekend. When I was in high school my lesbian daughter would never have been able to go to prom with her girlfriend. I know things are still not perfect when it comes to overall acceptance but I am grateful that she was able to go to prom with someone she loves and have a good time. Another crazy thing about last night is the fact that her girlfriend wore the same dress that I wore to my senior prom 26 years ago.  It was so incredibly cool to see her wearing my dress. When I originally thought of the idea I wasn’t sure she would go for it but she did and she looked absolutely beautiful. Life is short and I consider last night a huge win for my daughter and everyone that doesn’t fit the heterosexual mode. She looked beautiful and felt great.

Here are just a few pictures that were taken last night for Prom.  As you can see they are all smiles which is the way it’s supposed to be!!


Just for fun, here is my Senior Prom picture from 26 years ago wearing the dress!!


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