Research Projects

One of my least favorite things to teach is research. Students just don’t really get it and they are completely bored by it most of the time. It is especially hard with freshman which is why we are doing a very abbreviated project this year. I pulled the research articles myself and I am having them fill out a guide that I created and then create a storyboard using the information from their guides. It is a completely different way to do the project but I am honestly very excited about it. The project itself is pretty simple and if the kids will try I think they may enjoy it.

Storyboard Sample

Of course to be honest I think they have gone off their rockers.  The number of fights and such that have been going on at school lately have been insane. We have 11 days of school left and I have four students at DAEP. It is ridiculous that I have that many students that are ending the year with a discipline assignment. Most of them will have to start next year over there too. I know it is hard to focus at the end of school but I have never had students treat me the way I have been treated this year. It seems like my students either love me or hate me. The ones that hate me are vicious. I know that their behavior will eventually catch up with them but I am so ready for this group of freshman to move on.

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