Mother’s Day

So today we went to the Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Dallas. I attended this festival when I was a young person but I have never gone as an adult and my kids have never been. We all got up early and then headed to the festival. I was honestly a bit upset this morning because my kids had forgotten about Mother’s Day and didn’t do anything for me. After we got to the festival and we started walking around I changed my mind. I realized that it didn’t matter because my true gift was spending time with the ones I love.


This picture is with my baby girl who is now 18. She is the one that made me a mom and I grow more and more proud of everything she has accomplished as the days go on.

So my son loves chess and he got the opportunity to play today on a huge board with a really nice older man. I had many proud mom moments as I watched him even though he lost.


So my daughter took this goofy picture of me.  Pretty cool picture opportunity for Mother’s Day.


This is a picture of my boyfriend and I with The Grendel.  We are both English teachers and we’ve both taught seniors in the past so we are both familiar with Beowulf.

The rest of these pictures are from the Mythical Monster Museum.  This was a really cool place to explore. All in all we had a really great day. I received a wonderful gift of time with my family.

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