Graduation Party

So yesterday we hosted my daughter’s graduation party. She had about eleven of her friends over to hangout, play games, and play in a huge 6 in 1 bounce house that we rented. My daughter was so giddy when they were setting it up that she looked like a small child.

The weather yesterday was really precarious and even after the bounce house was installed and ready to go we were afraid that we wouldn’t get to use it. It started storming so bad right before the party that we had to unplug it and and several of her friends were late arriving. As the party was supposed to start both my kids were waiting in the living room just hoping that the storm would pass.

I on the other hand was busily trying to finish getting all the food arranged for our guests.

The table turned out pretty well, especially the cookies we had made for UTD.  The lady that made them did such a good job.  The cookies tasted yummy and they looked completely cool.

The storm finally passed and the teenagers were able to start enjoying the bounce house despite all the rain.  My daughter didn’t exactly want a water based assortment but she ended up with one anyway.

They didn’t spend the entire playing outside though.  They also played some games and we took some group pictures.

All in all it was an amazing day and the kids all had a great time!!

My son had to leave before his sister’s party was over because he had theater banquet last night. So in the midst of everything we got him dressed up and took his picture too.

IMG_6674 (2)

I have to say I was exhausted last night when I finally got to bed but it was an incredible day.

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