So this last Sunday my oldest child graduated high school. It still hasn’t completely hit me that one of my kids doesn’t go back to high school next year or that my youngest only has two more years. I barely slept Saturday night and I was so anxious on Sunday morning that I was almost making myself sick. I was finally able to calm down after my boyfriend suggested we play a game with my mom and the kids Sunday afternoon. We had a lot of fun playing Catan and then we all got ready for graduation. I made it through graduation without crying which I thought was pretty cool. After graduation my daughter’s dad cooperated and we got some good family pictures with our kids. I am really glad my daughter has some pictures with her parents at graduation.


My Daughter with both her parents!!


Our original family!


My current family with my boyfriend and my kids.


My mom and my family.

After we were done with family pictures we took some pictures with my daughter and a few of her friends.

My daughter has really had a great group of friends over the last four years and it was really great to celebrate with a few of them after the ceremony.

The last picture I will share is actually one made by the high school during the graduation. It is a picture of my daughter looking ahead and it reminds me of all the wonderful things she has in front of her.


One chapter ends but I can’t wait to see how the next chapter begins!!

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