Summer Break So Far

So far during June our break was pretty low key. We finished a couple of needed projects in the first week or so and now we have been mostly relaxing. We have of course done yard work and cleaned house but most of our days have been spent playing app and computer games. Last night, we had a much needed date night. We drove to Granbury and participated in a Painting With A Twist that was also a Stranger Things trivia night. We had a lot of fun and my competitive nature came out pretty strong. It was also pretty obvious what a perfectionist he can be. All in all it was a great night though.



My kids left yesterday for a visit with their dad so we actually have some time to ourselves. I am not sure what we will do for the fourth tomorrow but right now I am just enjoying this time we have together at home. In a couple of weeks we will be traveling to Florida to “meet the family” and while I am extremely excited to meet this wonderful man’s family, I am also nervous. I am happy in my relationship though so I know that getting to know his family is definitely the next step.

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