Longboat Key, Florida

So on Sunday night after we dropped my son off at his dad’s house we hopped on a plane and flew to Florida. I went to Florida many times as a kid but it has honestly been years since I have visited.  All my boyfriend’s immediate family lives in Florida except his older sister who lives in Indiana. So Sunday our flight was delayed so it was actually Monday morning very early when we arrived at my boyfriend’s dad and step-mom’s house. I finally met them on Monday morning. We have spent the last three days going to the beach and the community pool. We have also had a great time visiting with his dad and step-mom. This afternoon they left to attend a funeral in another part of Florida but we are staying at their house until tomorrow afternoon. Most of our pictures have been of the beach so far but it is utterly beautiful here. My boyfriend got burned the first day we went to the beach and his sunburn has steadily gotten worse. I didn’t pretty good the first day but the last couple of days I have managed to get burned in a few places. Tomorrow we head to Sarasota proper for the next leg of our trip with his mom. So far I feel extremely welcome and invited by his family. It is so nice to have such an incredible relationship with someone I love and really genuine like his family too.


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