Universal Florida Day 2

So Thursday we used our second pass for Universal. We woke up and it was raining unfortunately which is a common occurrence this time of year in Florida but instead of light rain for a few minutes we had it most of the day. We decided to start the day at Universal Studios since we had spent the majority of the previous day at Islands of Adventure. Ws started the day in Daigon Alley because we wanted to ride the Gringott’s Bank ride and it fills up rather quickly.


The above picture is of Kreacher. If you knock on the doors below he will eventually look out the window. It’s actually pretty cool to watch the crowds just waiting  in anticipation for his appearance. After that we headed to the other part of the park so we could go through the Simpson’s section. We walked all through the Simpson’s area and we even had a giant apple fritter as a snack. The stores and attractions were really cool and we took some really silly pictures.

We even took our picture in front of a replica of the DeLorean from Back to the Future.


We even rode a ride that was fashioned after ET.

As the day progressed we started wandering through all these really cool side stores and I was so surprised to find a cool life-size statue of Harley Quinn so of course I had to have my picture made with her.


I absolutely love Harley Quinn so I was super happy. It was quite the coincidence that I also happen to be wearing one of my Harley Quinn t-shirts.

Then we rode this really cool ride that was Jimmy Fallon’s race through New York. The ride was mostly 3D and kind of odd but it was also really cool.

After Jimmy Fallon we got on the Hogwarts Express so that we could go to Hogsmead and have lunch in the Three Broom Sticks.

Then it was about break time so we rode The Mummy’s Revenge which is a really cool ride and then we went to hangout in an Irish Pub called Finnigan’s. We ended up chilling there for a couple of hours and then eating dinner there too. My boyfriend’s brother decided to come out again so he met us and had dinner with is at Finnigan’s.

After dinner we didn’t take any pictures but we did ride three rides starting with the Simpson’s, then Men In Black and finally we finished the day the way we started riding Gringott’s again.

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