Driver’s Test

My eighteen year-old daughter is supposed to move out in less than two weeks but she still doesn’t have a driver’s license. This wouldn’t be an issue if she was going to be living on campus but she is supposed to live with my mom and commute to school every day. We have been working on driving for several months but with our trip to Florida my daughter hadn’t driven in two weeks. We practiced a ton yesterday for her test this afternoon. The major issue is that she didn’t learn how to parallel park until yesterday. We got to the test today and she had to parallel park the first part of the test. Needless to say she screwed it up somehow and she failed her test. In fact the officer didn’t even let her continue the test. My daughter has no idea what she did wrong. I know from all her practice that her technique had been really good so I’m honestly not sure what happened. When we got home we got online to find out when we could register her for another test. The next available date is August 15th which is only a few days before she is supposed to start school and after she moves. The DPS near our house has an earlier date than any where else so we went ahead and took the appointment for now but I have no idea how we are going to get her there. Unfortunately for me that is also the first day of school. We made the appointment for the late afternoon but I still have no idea how we are going to make it happen. My stomach was in knots today by the time she took the test so who knows how I feel when she takes it again. I just really hope we can find a way to get her to her test on the 15th. My stress is at level 50 right now because I am so worried how we are going to get her to school and get her test done. I am also not looking forward to more parallel parking practice. I at least figured out today that the DPS has set poles next to it so maybe we can go and practice some time after hours or on the weekends.

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