Jury Duty

So ironically enough my boyfriend and I have both been summoned to jury duty in the last two weeks. His summons was for the 6th of January and mine was for today. He was assigned to a specific court for a specific time but even though he sat through a couple of hours of voire dire he was picked. Today I made my trek to downtown to serve my civic duty. It took me forever to get to the courthouse because of the weather and early morning traffic. I arrived just as a bus was pulling up so I thought I was safe. However the bus filled up four people before I was able to get on it. I ended up standing outside wet and cold for several minutes waiting for the next bus. By the time we made it to the courthouse and through security we were told that we were too late to serve today. I had to reschedule my service for another date. Now I am at home instead of at work. I considered going in to work but I already have a sub and honestly it’s just not worth it with the weather outside. I am going to help one of my colleagues with the lesson plan during her conference period though because she is the only one of our group that is at work today. I am a bit concerned and feel guilty for not going in to work but I am hoping it will be okay.

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