Utter Chaos

I am not even sure how to react or respond to the state of our world at the moment. We are dealing with things in the world that have never occurred in our lifetime. Businesses are closing the governments of the world are imposing travel restrictions on its citizens and others. School is closed and as of now we are not even sure when or if that is going to change for the rest of the school year. Stores are running out of stock of all sorts of items that people deem necessary for survival.

We are in uncharted territory as we get up everyday waiting to hear the latest news and see what new things our government has to share. We honestly don’t know how our lives will be each day as we wake up. We don’t know how long we will be asked to practice social distancing.

I wonder about the health of my children and my mother. I wonder about the outcome of the COVID-19 test that was done on my aunt who is in the ICU with pneumonia. I can only hope that a few months from now we will be able to look at this situation with relief that it is over and that life is getting back to normal. To all of us across the world we need to hold on to those we love and hang on until this situation passes.

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