I completed my master’s degree online through University of Texas at Arlington. I also completed a Dual Credit English Certification online through Sam Houston State University. Although I was able to complete these programs through e-learning I have never had to teach that way.

Now I am trying to improvise and change my way of teaching into an online format. My district is asking us to post enrichment lessons that we aren’t allowed to take grades for which means that technically there is no real way to hold the students accountable for the assignments. We are being asked to be available every day during school hours to answer questions for our students. We are also being told to make contact with the parents’ of the students that aren’t completing the assignments that we can’t hold them accountable for. I realize that these are difficult times and although it is a crazy situation, I am actually happy to be working again. I am not sure if we will be able to return to school on March 30th like it is currently planned but I do hope at some point we are able to do more than just post enrichment lessons.

I am actually really proud of the students that have already participated in the enrichment activities and have checked in with me.

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