When did it become such an issue for students to read and understand written directions. I know that many of my students would require me to repeat directions in class because they weren’t paying attention but now it seems like they can’t understand written directions either. I feel like my students don’t understand how to read and follow simple directions. Then there are the stupid questions that I can’t even answer because they don’t give me enough information to know what their question is asking. I know that online classes are not exactly easy but I also know that you can’t just act stupid and think that you won’t be required to finish assignments.  Starting next week my students will be required to complete all the assignments for grades.  I wonder how some of these students will deal with that.  I am doing my best to help my students but right now I feel like they aren’t really trying to do their part. I know that I am just frustrated right now and by tomorrow I will probably feel better about all this but right now I am just frustrated with the whole process.

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