My Recent Trip to Costco

We used to go to Costco about twice a month to help feed my family. I have a teenage son that eats snacks all the time and can still eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We started buying all his snacks and lots of frequently used products there to save money when my boyfriend moved in a year ago.

This morning we took a trio to Costco because we thankfully go paid today, we’re both educators, and we are out of everything. It was interesting to see all the changes the store has made in light of the virus. Normally you can enter the store and walk wherever you want to start your shopping but now because of the restrictions in the check out lines the root area of the store is sectioned off so that you have to start down one aisle.  Most of the things we were looking for were easily found but seeing people walking through the store in masks and gloves is so surreal. I still can’t get used to this new normal. I hate that every time I leave the house now I feel this dread and additional stress until I’m safely back to my cocoon at home.

I don’t mind cooking every night because we did that most of the time anyway to save money. What is most bothersome is the fact that we can’t just get out freely anymore. I miss being able to wander through Target just to get out. I am doing all my shopping for my kids’ birthdays online this year which is not my usual way of doing things. I am lucky I can still shop at all because I know that many are really struggling to make ends meet but I miss the freedom that we used to have. We quickly shopped this morning so we could get back home.

I came home graded online assignments and then began contacting parents of my slacking students. I feel guilty every time I have to get in touch with parents because I know that many of them have more important things to worry about other than their kids doing work. I know as an educator I have to contact them but it is hard not to feel like a burden. I am lucky that I haven’t really had to bug my own kids about school work. My son has been surprisingly on top of it and my college age daughter is used to scheduling her time for school so I usually don’t even ask. I am super thankful that my son’s teachers aren’t having to reach out to me for lack of work. At least his district has decided how they are handling the grading for the rest of the year which means now my son has a focus. I will be glad when my district decides what they are going to do about grades.


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