My Blog- Single Mom Navigating Through Life

I am a single mother of two teenage children.  My kids have been the center of my life for the last ten years and as I get closer and closer to them being grown I struggle with my feelings. I teach English at a ninth grade campus. I have a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction and I am currently working on my certification to teach Dual Credit English. I would love to work with pre-service teachers on what it really looks like to be in a classroom. I love to travel and I will indulge in it as often as possible. I am unlucky in love and it seems it always gets me into trouble. Although I have already been married and divorced twice, I still hope to find that forever kind of happiness I deserve. I’m not really interested in getting married again but I would like to share my life with someone special. I use this blog as a therapeutic way to deal with motherhood and my relationships.  I hope you are able to relate to my ramblings.

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Cell Phone Use in Classrooms

Journal: Multimodal Texts Rhetorical Situation: Student cell phone use in the classroom According to my school’s student handbook, students are not supposed to use cell phones during class without permission from the teacher. The problem is that most students refuse to actually put away cell phones during class. They fail to see the problem with […]

Frankenstein Lesson Plan

Frankenstein Unit *This unit is based on two classes a week that meet for 90 minutes The lessons here reflect classroom activities. There is also an Edmodo Class that will contain additional activities and quizzes. The Code to join the class is: ydykh2. I hope you are able to join the class and see the […]

Fly in the Ointment

“The Fly in the Ointment of Society”     [Type the author name] 10/29/2017   “Since most people viewed insects, as they still do, as insignificant, disagreeable, or dangerous, they had no fellow feelings with insects, no affectionate attitudes to them. They are the nearest to aliens that we encounter” (Perkins 5). David Perkins expressed […]

Ethics in Writing

Final Teaching Project Objective: Students should have a clear understanding of ethics and how it impacts their lives. Students should understand the concept of nominalizations and be able to make their writing more precise. Students will explore Plotagon while making a video for class. Audience: High school juniors Duration of Unit: 6 classes of 45 […]

Assignment 1- Brainstorming through chosen topics

Assignment 1: Summary of Assignment: This assignment is intended to be ongoing over the course of the school year.  The idea is that the students will choose a topic from the handout to write about every Friday for ten minutes. They will have the option of changing topics every week or continuing a previous topic. […]

Rationale for Brainstorming Assignment

Rationale Paper for Assignment 1: My first assignment consists of a writing journal that would start with the first grading period and then continue throughout the school year. I designed it to encourage students to write just for the sake of writing. As I began my research for this assignment I found that students tend […]

Assignment 2-Persuasive Writing for STAAR

Assignment 2: Summary of Assignment: This assignment is designed to introduce persuasive/argument writing to my students in order to help prepare them for the STAAR test. I will start first show my students a presentation to help introduce them to the concepts of ethos, pathos and logos. After my students have viewed the presentation than […]

Rationale Paper for Persuasive Assignment

Rationale for Assignment 2: My second assignment is an introduction into persuasive writing to help prepare my students for the tenth grade STAAR Test. The assignment consists of many activities to reach the goal of writing a twenty-six line essay. When I first start researching for my second assignment I was actually looking for research […]

Literary Analysis Paragraph Assignment

Assignment 3: Summary of Assignment: This assignment is intended to be a summative assessment at the end of a short story unit within a freshman English class. The students will have a choice between several stories that they can choose to write about. The assignment itself will be a literary analysis paragraph over the universal […]

Rationale Paper for Literary Analysis Paragraph

Rationale Paper for Assignment 3: My third and final assignment involves a literary analysis paragraph over theme. I designed the assignment to be a reflection of a universal theme and a personal connection to a short story from the unit we would have just studied. The assignment is based for freshman in high school to […]

Fake News Lesson

Project 1: Fake News Day 1: Introduction of topic: Students will have a guided discussion throughout the presentation and they will be required to take notes. Day 2: Journal: What does the following picture represent to you? Where do you think it would be found? Chen Article Image After the students write about the […]

Civil Discourse Lesson

Project 2: Civil Discourse Day 1: Introduction of Topic Journal: Of all the arguments you have waged, throughout your life, how many times have you actually changed a mind? After students have written about the journal topic we will discuss their responses and then go into a presentation over civil discourse. The students will […]

Harlem Renaissance Unit

Harlem Renaissance Unit Duration of Lesson: Approximately 4 (45 Minute) Class Periods My freshman textbook only has two poems and one magazine article over the Harlem Renaissance. I wanted to make use of the resources I had available in my textbook. Before we start I will show my students a presentation over the Harlem Renaissance […]

Multicultural Literature Paper Proposal

Of the various books we have read this semester in Multicultural Literature, with our focus on migration and hybridity, Mohsin Hamid’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist has made the deepest impression on me. The novel is a unique story told from the “other side” of an American tragedy, the events of September 11, 2001, when the entire […]

Mohsin Hamid: Migration of the Future

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…” These words from “The New Colossus” and emblazoned on the Statue of Liberty exemplify the early spirit of immigration to the United States of America, and migration has been part of the culture and evolution of the United States since before we […]


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