Selby Botanical Gardens, Sarasota Florida

So we have started part two of our vacation in Sarasota, Florida visiting my boyfriend’s mother. Today we traveled to the Selby Botanical Gardens which was utterly beautiful. It was hot but because of the shade beneath most of the foliage it wasn’t too bad. It was a very nice tour around the gardens.

After we toured the gardens we went to Saint Armand’s Circle which is a very touristy part of Sarasota.  It was a great place to shop and have lunch. I was able to buy a cool t-shirt for my son and a neat turtle to add to my mom’s collection. This has been a different part of our trip because it has involved more activity. I am looking forward to what else we will see while we are here. I am hoping we will have time to get a cool picture in front of this cool statue that looks like the famous picture taken in New York after World War II.


I got a pretty cool picture of it today but I am hoping we can get one with the two of us in front of it.

On another funny note I found out that one of my high school friends that has lived here forever moved back to Texas like two weeks ago. Her sister still lives in Tampa though which is pretty cool. If we have time maybe I can at least see her before we leave to go back home.

Longboat Key, Florida

So on Sunday night after we dropped my son off at his dad’s house we hopped on a plane and flew to Florida. I went to Florida many times as a kid but it has honestly been years since I have visited.  All my boyfriend’s immediate family lives in Florida except his older sister who lives in Indiana. So Sunday our flight was delayed so it was actually Monday morning very early when we arrived at my boyfriend’s dad and step-mom’s house. I finally met them on Monday morning. We have spent the last three days going to the beach and the community pool. We have also had a great time visiting with his dad and step-mom. This afternoon they left to attend a funeral in another part of Florida but we are staying at their house until tomorrow afternoon. Most of our pictures have been of the beach so far but it is utterly beautiful here. My boyfriend got burned the first day we went to the beach and his sunburn has steadily gotten worse. I didn’t pretty good the first day but the last couple of days I have managed to get burned in a few places. Tomorrow we head to Sarasota proper for the next leg of our trip with his mom. So far I feel extremely welcome and invited by his family. It is so nice to have such an incredible relationship with someone I love and really genuine like his family too.


Summer Break So Far

So far during June our break was pretty low key. We finished a couple of needed projects in the first week or so and now we have been mostly relaxing. We have of course done yard work and cleaned house but most of our days have been spent playing app and computer games. Last night, we had a much needed date night. We drove to Granbury and participated in a Painting With A Twist that was also a Stranger Things trivia night. We had a lot of fun and my competitive nature came out pretty strong. It was also pretty obvious what a perfectionist he can be. All in all it was a great night though.



My kids left yesterday for a visit with their dad so we actually have some time to ourselves. I am not sure what we will do for the fourth tomorrow but right now I am just enjoying this time we have together at home. In a couple of weeks we will be traveling to Florida to “meet the family” and while I am extremely excited to meet this wonderful man’s family, I am also nervous. I am happy in my relationship though so I know that getting to know his family is definitely the next step.

New Job

So I wasn’t necessarily looking for a new job but my boyfriend convinced me to apply in his district because they had some openings that would allow me to teach Pre-Ap students rather than the lower level students I have been teaching for the last year. I have wanted to teach higher level students for a long time but I haven’t had the opportunity. I had an interview with the principal and administrators at the regular high school and although it was a good interview I didn’t hear anything from them. The same day as my first interview I also met the principal of their Early College Program. He also wanted to talk to me about a job so we set up an interview for a couple of days later. The second interview went even better than the first and the principal told me at the end of the interview that he was really interested in me. Several hours later he called me and offered me the job. I am actually really excited because it means that I will not only get to teach higher level students next year, but I will also be switching from English to History. I will now be teaching World Geography and World History. I have never taught either of these subjects but I am thoroughly excited about the new challenge.

My only concern right now is that in order to sign my new contract I have to resign from my current job. I’ll admit I have never had to do that before and I am a bit nervous about it. I think that everything will be fine but it is still a bit scary.


So this last Sunday my oldest child graduated high school. It still hasn’t completely hit me that one of my kids doesn’t go back to high school next year or that my youngest only has two more years. I barely slept Saturday night and I was so anxious on Sunday morning that I was almost making myself sick. I was finally able to calm down after my boyfriend suggested we play a game with my mom and the kids Sunday afternoon. We had a lot of fun playing Catan and then we all got ready for graduation. I made it through graduation without crying which I thought was pretty cool. After graduation my daughter’s dad cooperated and we got some good family pictures with our kids. I am really glad my daughter has some pictures with her parents at graduation.


My Daughter with both her parents!!


Our original family!


My current family with my boyfriend and my kids.


My mom and my family.

After we were done with family pictures we took some pictures with my daughter and a few of her friends.

My daughter has really had a great group of friends over the last four years and it was really great to celebrate with a few of them after the ceremony.

The last picture I will share is actually one made by the high school during the graduation. It is a picture of my daughter looking ahead and it reminds me of all the wonderful things she has in front of her.


One chapter ends but I can’t wait to see how the next chapter begins!!

Graduation Party

So yesterday we hosted my daughter’s graduation party. She had about eleven of her friends over to hangout, play games, and play in a huge 6 in 1 bounce house that we rented. My daughter was so giddy when they were setting it up that she looked like a small child.

The weather yesterday was really precarious and even after the bounce house was installed and ready to go we were afraid that we wouldn’t get to use it. It started storming so bad right before the party that we had to unplug it and and several of her friends were late arriving. As the party was supposed to start both my kids were waiting in the living room just hoping that the storm would pass.

I on the other hand was busily trying to finish getting all the food arranged for our guests.

The table turned out pretty well, especially the cookies we had made for UTD.  The lady that made them did such a good job.  The cookies tasted yummy and they looked completely cool.

The storm finally passed and the teenagers were able to start enjoying the bounce house despite all the rain.  My daughter didn’t exactly want a water based assortment but she ended up with one anyway.

They didn’t spend the entire playing outside though.  They also played some games and we took some group pictures.

All in all it was an amazing day and the kids all had a great time!!

My son had to leave before his sister’s party was over because he had theater banquet last night. So in the midst of everything we got him dressed up and took his picture too.

IMG_6674 (2)

I have to say I was exhausted last night when I finally got to bed but it was an incredible day.

Mother’s Day

So today we went to the Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Dallas. I attended this festival when I was a young person but I have never gone as an adult and my kids have never been. We all got up early and then headed to the festival. I was honestly a bit upset this morning because my kids had forgotten about Mother’s Day and didn’t do anything for me. After we got to the festival and we started walking around I changed my mind. I realized that it didn’t matter because my true gift was spending time with the ones I love.


This picture is with my baby girl who is now 18. She is the one that made me a mom and I grow more and more proud of everything she has accomplished as the days go on.

So my son loves chess and he got the opportunity to play today on a huge board with a really nice older man. I had many proud mom moments as I watched him even though he lost.


So my daughter took this goofy picture of me.  Pretty cool picture opportunity for Mother’s Day.


This is a picture of my boyfriend and I with The Grendel.  We are both English teachers and we’ve both taught seniors in the past so we are both familiar with Beowulf.

The rest of these pictures are from the Mythical Monster Museum.  This was a really cool place to explore. All in all we had a really great day. I received a wonderful gift of time with my family.