Fake News Lesson

Project 1: Fake News

Day 1:

Introduction of topic:


Students will have a guided discussion throughout the presentation and they will be required to take notes.

Day 2:

Journal: What does the following picture represent to you? Where do you think it would be found?

Chen Article Image

After the students write about the picture I will show them the following video:


After the video I will show my students multiple pictures and how they can be deceiving when it comes to the information presented.


There were no sharks reported during hurricane Irma.

Hillary Voting Online

People are not able to vote for a presidential election through posting online.

Nuclear Plant Damage in Japan

This image was used in the Stanford Study.  Students were told that the plants represented damage from nuclear exposure in Japan.  They were never given an exact location but the students believed the picture was legitimate.


Now I will move on to videos:




Closure: I will have the students write three things on an index card.

  1. What was the most surprising thing you learned today?
  2. Have you ever shared anything on social media that you weren’t sure about?
  3. Do you feel like you are better prepared to deal with fake news?


Day 3:

Students will begin class by reviewing concepts from the previous day and talk about any questions they might still have.

Then I will break the students up into groups of four.  I will list multiple news stories on the board and each group will choose from the list. Once they have chosen their story they will work with their group to determine how whether it is real or fake news.  They will answer a series of questions to determine their responses.


Potential Stories from today:

New 100 Rupee Note To Be Issued Shortly. Here’s What It Looks Like

Updated: July 19, 2018


This Jet Suit Lets You Fly Around Like “Iron Man”

Updated: July 19, 2018


Bombings in Pakistan ahead of elections kill 170, thwarting hopes of a peaceful vote

Written by Anas Saleem · South Asia

One bombing alone, in Balochistan, killed 129 and injured dozens — the deadliest attack in Pakistan since Taliban shooters killed 141 in an army-run school in Peshawar, in December 2014.


Are the people from the former Yugoslavia pleased with Croatia’s success in the World Cup? Yes.

Written by Marko Angelov · Eastern & Central Europe

Croatia’s success in the 2018 World Cup inspired numerous fans from all across the Balkans — defying the historic ethnic-hatred between neighboring nations.


Worksheet for Students:


Fake News Questions

Directions: Answer each question about your news story.

  1. What is the address of the website? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. Read the other content on the website. Is the content reliable?


  1. Does the headline sound neutral?


  1. Who wrote it?


  1. What are the articles sources?


  1. Are the images accurate?


  1. Do you think the article is real or fake news? Why or why not?





After students have completed the questions over fake news within their groups, they will share out with the rest of the class.  We will then have a final discussion over fake news.


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