Assignment 2-Persuasive Writing for STAAR

Assignment 2:

Summary of Assignment:

This assignment is designed to introduce persuasive/argument writing to my students in order to help prepare them for the STAAR test. I will start first show my students a presentation to help introduce them to the concepts of ethos, pathos and logos. After my students have viewed the presentation than they will create a visual representation of one of the three concepts. I will later go through and put the visuals around the room so that students will have them to remind of the concepts as we go throughout the year. Once they have created their visuals we will read an article together. The article I have chosen deals with the issue of how texting has impacted the English language. The students will read the article together and annotate it while we read. After the students have discussed the article they will choose a side of the issue to write their own twenty-six line essay.  The idea is that they will use the article to assist them with their argument to show them that evidence and personal examples are very important when approaching persuasive essays. I chose this particular topic hoping that the students would be more engaged in the writing if I chose a topic they could relate too. I expect the assignment to take approximately one week in class.


Instructions to Students:

I will first introduce the topic of persuasive writing with a presentation. (link to presentation)

After the students have viewed the presentation I will tell them they have to choose pathos, logos or ethos to create an illustration with the definition.  The idea is that the visuals will help your classmates better understand the concepts.

Next I will pass out the article on texting and the English Language. I will read through it with the students stopping and having the students mark the various arguments and evidence the author presents to defend his position.

Texting Article

After they have read and annotated the article, they will be instructed to choose a side of the issue and complete a graphic organizer to defend their position.

Persuasive Graphic Organizer

The last step will be when they write their twenty-six line essay defending their position on the issue of whether or not texting has impacted the English language. They must use at least one of the persuasive techniques we have been studying in their essay.

STAAR Essay Paper

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